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December, 2013 -- AIR PLAY IN ONTARIO! We're getting some air play for one of our songs on CIWS, Whistle Radio, 102.7 FM out of Stouffville, Ontario. The show is called “Inside The ICEBOX” and is on Saturday afternoons starting at 4:00 pm (5:00 pm locally) It can be heard live on the internet at For anyone who might like to download the show, it will be available Sundays at The first cut from the CD to be played on the show is "Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby" and will be on the Dec. 21, 2013 show. We thank host Rick Levine for giving us some air!

December, 2013 -- CD REVIEW! We received an email from Pierre Lacocque of Mississippi Heat (out of Chicago). He had listened to our CD "LUCKY" and had this to say about it: "I just finished listening your Lucky CD. This is a harp-led band and you push when you need to. These are 10 enjoyable tunes. I like your work, as well as your guitar player, along with the melodies. You also have a tight rhythm section and good vocals.Your guitar player is very good. All the best with your band and future projects!" Pierre.

May, 2012 -- THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!! The long-awaited "LUCKY" CDs are in. We are all excited to finally see the fruition of a lot of work and time. Anyone wishing to purchase a CD can contact us via email, snail mail or phone at 902-669-2550 or 506-364-0198. We've set the price for this CD at $15.00. Also, keep checking our website for the dates of CD Release Parties. Thanks to all who have worked with us on this project and supported us in both this and our live shows. A huge, HUGE thank you to James Harman who helped us out by contacting the pressers to advise them that he had given us permission to use his song "Swampnight". We have still not received the "mechanical license" through the publishing companies so, without his help, we'd still be waiting. Thank You James!!!

April, 2012 -- The excitement and anticipation are growing. The masters have been sent to the pressers and the artwork is printed. We're just waiting for the mechanical license to be granted for one of the cover tunes and then the CDs can be pressed. We're hoping to turn our April 27th gig at Duncan's into a CD release party of sorts. It's been a long time coming but that's the way it goes when you're a laid back (and poor) group of blues musicians. We want to thank David Goodhead of Greasy Groove in Amherst for all of his hard work. David, also known as Davey Lee Goode who along with his wife and daughter make up the rockabilly band The Shakedown Combo, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered our CD. If it wasn't for him, I suspect we'd still be in the dreaming stages. We owe a great deal to David and his wife Gill and daughter Miss Kimmi. They also helped in the recording and supplied us with much encouragement. We think they might actually be fans ... or maybe we should say they might actually STILL be fans! Thanks to all three of them!

October, 2011 -- Well ... it has taken a long time (years actually), but we've finally got a CD in the works. We went into the studio in July and, over a few sessions, recorded fifteen songs, six of which are originals. Since that time, we've been mixing, re-mixing and are still mixing the songs hoping to get the best sound possible. We did this as a "live" recording, although there were some parts added later, so that the listener will get the same sense of the music as they would if they were to attend a live performance. While no date has been set for its release, we're hoping it may be out by Christmas or perhaps early in the new year. Keep your fingers crossed and your ears open. We'll certainly put a splash on our opening website page when it becomes available and I'm sure there will be a CD launch party or two when it does.

September, 2009 -- After opening for Garrett Mason in the Bridge Street tent at the Fall Fair on Sept. 19th, an article was written about the gig in The Argosy, the university student newspaper. This article appears in our Photo Gallery section but the text is difficult to read. Therefore, the text of this article is as follows:

Sackville has the blues - and loves it
The Garrett Mason Band and the BS Blues Band rock Sackville during the Fall Fair

Neil Bonner
Argosy Staff

In my 21 years, I have never purchased a blues album, and I probably never will. It might be the only genre that doesn't have its own little nook on my iTunes playlist. Moreover, I had never seen either the Garrett Mason Blues Band or openers the BS Blues Band (aka the Streamliners). Thus, I didn't really have any sort of critical yardstick with which to measure Saturday night's blues show under the Bridge Street tent. So why was I there? More importantly, why did I want to be there?

We'll get to that. But first, the crowds. If you checked out Friday night's show with Hey Rosetta! and company, you no doubt noticed a staggering amount of young people. There were young kids, running around in packs, burning off soda pop and carnival food, high school kids flat-out jamming in the corner of the tent, and university students, some chanting "Hey-Ro-Se-Tta!" like they were waiting for a hockey game to start, others standing around on chairs, trying quietly to see the band. And that was about it, crowd-wise.

The blues show crowd was at once more varied and unified. For one thing, there were people over twenty-five - lots of them! Parents, grandparents, professors, you name it. It was a very diverse crowd in terms of age groups, but everyone - regardless of age - was dancing, singing, and generally acting like they were at a kegger hosted by the coolest kid in school. Among other things, I saw: an older, white-bearded gentleman doing a dance move I had, up until that point, only seen on a Fresh Prince rerun; a bunch of party dress-clad girls, clearly fresh from the Homecoming festivities, standing around listening in spite of the cold; and a lot of rather intense necking among all age brackets.

This is a roundabout way of explaining the irresistible allure of live blues music. The music relies on basic forms - it wouldn't be blues without some blues progressions, after all - which can sometimes seem tired on record. Live, however, the visceral kick of the technically top-notch musicianship shines through. The lyrics traffic in some of the most basic musical themes - friendship, love and getting down (both kinds) - which ring much more true when you're dancing in the pit with dozens of other sweaty people.

As for the bands themselves, they each approached the blues from slightly different viewpoints. The BS Blues Band, composed of friends from Sackville, Amherst and Moncton, played a blend of originals and standards, with more of an emphasis on classic blues, standards and swing. Due to circumstances related to a persistent cold I missed part of their set, but I was surprised by the tightness and versatility of their songs. After their set, Blues Society organizer and Mount Allison professor Roopen Majithia announced that the BS Blues Band would be headlining regular blues jams starting in October. They will be well worth checking out.

Garrett Mason comes from a family steeped in the blues - his father, Dutch Mason was one of Canada's most renowned blues musicians, who eventually earned the honorific "the Prime Minister of the Blues" title. Garrett has clearly learned a few things from his father - clearly, the man can shred. His style reminded me of the late Stevie Ray Vaughn, as he blended classic blues styles with a tight, proficient rock `n roll slant. Mason was a charming presence: at one point he remarked at all the Prime Times being smoked in the crowd, so he took a smoke break while shredding away an instrumental with his band.

June, 2009 -- It's been a long time since we've reported anything about the band. Sometimes, people approach one of us and ask if we're still playing music. Well, we're still here. Our bookings are few and far between, but we're still out there plugging away. Since late summer last year (2008), we've been going through a line-up change. Guitarist Jim Messer and drummer Wayne Gallant moved on to pursue other musical interests. We've been playing without Waynes' dad Dale, who was sitting in with us quite often on keyboards. And, we've been finding replacements to fill the voids ... and we've done well. Drummer Earl Dow from Amherst, NS is laying the beat down for us now. And, we're pleased to be reunited with fellow former BS Blues Band member Scott Dauvin on guitar. However, we've not been without our fair share of bad luck. Scott has been of ill health for some time and this spring, underwent surgery to correct, in part, an affliction he has been suffering from. Currently recuperating from this surgery, he will be undergoing a second surgery in August to correct the remainder of the problem (we all hope). So that has left us "guitarless" again for a while. Not to worry though, because bluesman Mark MacMillan has been filling in for Scott throughout the spring, summer and into the fall. Mark has recording and writing credits on several releases. He has appeared on stage and on record with Matt Minglewood and has also appeared on a recording by the late harpist Rick Jeffries. Mark's guitar playing adds another sound and dimension to the band and we thank him for his contribution. Be sure to take in a show with Mark over the summer and then look for Scotty's return sometime in the fall.

December, 2007 -- Anyone catching a show in recent weeks will have noticed that there is a sixth member on stage these days. Dale Gallant (drummer Wayne's dad) has been sitting in with us and is becoming a regular at our shows. For all intents and purposes, he is now a member of the band but, there may be some shows he will not make. Dale has been playing keyboards for years and is very talented. We are glad to have him on stage with us and look forward to hearing him play. As time progresses, we hope to have a photo and bio on him. Watch for it.

October, 2007 -- We played a private function on Saturday, October 27, 2007 for Vermeulan Farms (hope I spelled it correctly) in Canning, NS. We just wanted to say a special thank you to Andy, Karen and friends for making us feel so at home. We felt that we played very well that night and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The folks there treated us like long-lost friends. Being on the road can be a very pleasureable experience when you run into folks like these. We get treated very well at all of our gigs, but these people really went out of their way for us. Thanks again guys!

October, 2007 -- Due to a double booking by the club, our show at Saxby's, originally scheduled for Saturday, October 20th, has been re-scheduled for Saturday, November 10th.

September, 2007 -- Now that the evenings are getting cooler, our shows at Kramer's Corner have moved back inside. However, instead of being in Kramer's Corner itself, we have been moved inside the newly renovated and refurbished Studio 700 (formerly Club Cosmopolitan). We are now appearing on the main stage with shows beginning at approximately 9:30 pm. We will not continue to appear every second Friday night as before due to the fact that the club will be bringing in out-of-town acts. However, we have confirmed bookings up until Christmas and hope to continue our relationship with the club into the new year. So come on out check out the shows. See you there!

June, 2007 -- Steve McMillan has joined The Streamliners. Steve's instrument of choice is the saxophone. The boys feel Steve adds a new dimension, as well as a new sound to the band and welcome him to the group. Look for Steve's pic and bio soon.

January, 2007 -- Just as we ended 2006 on a sad note, we are beginning 2007 on a happier one. Management and staff of the former Café Felix have moved to Club Cosmopolitan/Kramer's Corner and have re-instated our bi-weekly shows. The shows have changed nights from Saturdays to Fridays and will begin on Friday, Jan. 19th. Derek has taken over as Manager and we are pleased he has chosen us, once again, as the "semi" house band. We wish him and his staff the best of luck and look forward to working with everyone again. So join us at Kramer's Corner on Friday nights starting January 19, 2007.

December, 2006 -- We are ending the year 2006 on a bit of a sad note. Our bi-weekly gigs at Café Felix have come to an abrupt end. The part-owners Steve and Derek have had their third partner (the major investor) pull out on them and they've had to close the business. While the restaurant was profitable, the investor decided to end the partnership, which leaves us with a lot of open weekends. Back to pounding the pavement looking for gigs again. Oh darn! But then again, that's the nature of the beast. Steve and Derek are hoping to find another investor, but it may take some time and who's to say that we'll get back. We wish them much luck though and are keeping our fingers crossed for them. Their good luck could return us to a regular gig.

September, 2006 -- We are building up a great rapport with the management and staff of Café Felix in Moncton. So much so, that they have asked us to become one of two house bands which will perform alternating Saturday nights. We will begin our bi-weekly shows on Saturday, Sept. 9th. Shows run from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am. The other act to appear on alternate weeks is Marc-André Leger. M-A, as most of you know, is a friend of the band's and often sits in with us when Jim is unable to perform. We know him well and will, no doubt, drop in to catch his act periodically. M-A is a consumate professional and an excellent performer.

May, 2006 -- Dave's friend, former bandmate and mentor from Ontario will be passing through the first part of June and will be sitting in with us at our gig at The Pump House Brewery. Blues harpist extraordinaire, Willie Leigh of the Stingrays will be joining us that evening. Willie is a Chemistry professor at McMaster University in Hamilton. We hope you'll join us and enjoy the "Professor with the Blues Chemistry" on June 3rd.

May, 2006 -- A new bar/pub is opening in Riverview. Muddy River will open its doors to patrons on Monday, May 8th and we're going to be playing there two weeks later on Friday, May 19th. See our Perfomance Dates section for details.

December, 2005 -- Well, we have a new drummer. Wayne Gallant will be the new face in the band. While Wayne's bio is not yet posted on this site, suffice it to say that he has been in the business for a long time, having played for local rock legends, Mother's Fear. Wayne's now ready to "play the blues". Look for his bio soon and come check us out at the Cosmo on January 7th as he makes his debut with The Streamliners.

November, 2005 -- Dave's picked up a bug of some kind and is unable to sing. We've had to cancel our Club Jewels performance on Friday, Nov. 25th. We'll still be performing on the 24th at the Cosmo for the Moncton Subways AAA hockey fundraiser. As the show is only an hour in duration, Doc will be stepping in on vocals. Hope Dave's better soon. Look for us at Club Jewels (hopefully) in January.

November, 2005 -- Ken has moved on and will no longer be drumming for us. We wish him well in his future endeavours and thank him for all he has done for the band. Ken had been with us since the beginning. Now we're looking for someone to fill the spot. Interested? Contact us!

September, 2005 -- A friend of Ken (and the band as well) and well-known local musician will be visiting him the middle of September. Brice Sinclair is coming home from the US for a short visit and will be sitting in with us for our show in Amherst, NS on Saturday, Sept. 17th as well as our performance Sunday, Sept. 18th for the Suicide Prevention benefit being held at Cheers in Moncton.

September, 2005 -- The 2005 Suicide Prevention Benefit will be held this year at Cheers on Brandon Street in Moncton. The benefit runs from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am on Sunday, Sept. 18th. Our performance will be taking place from 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm. Frank Gallant's CD, Private Memories, will be released during the benefit. For further details, see the benefit poster in our Photo Gallery.

August, 2005 -- Bob Penny from the state of Maine will be visiting Moncton on Aug. 20th and will be sitting in with us at The Pump House Brewery. Bob has his own recording studio as well as his own production company and has just released a new CD in both the United States and England..

July, 2005 -- Well, Ken's done it. Got his hair cut ... er ... buzzed ... hey, it's just gone. He likes that bare feeling. Keeping checking the site for a new photo accompanying his bio. It should be appearing on the site the last week of the month.

July, 2005 -- It seems that Jim will be away for our October 8th performance at The Pump House Brewery. We've been in contact with Marc-André Leger and he has agreed to sit in with us for the show. We thank Marc-André for the assistance and invite all his friends and fans to join us at the Pump House on October 8th.

July, 2005 -- It turns out that we're going to have special guest artist perform with us at our show at The Pump House Brewery on August 20th. Bob Penney, who has just released a new CD with distribution in England and the US, is coming through Moncton on August 20th on vacation and is going to sit in with us for a couple of tunes. Bob, who is a client of D.C.'s, has listened to our demos on the web site and is interested in performing with us. He has also put a link from his record company web site to ours. Keep checking our Links page. A link to his site should be appearing soon!

May, 2005 -- We've had a busy winter ... not really ... but busier than it had been. Along with bookings at The Pump House Brewery and both locations of O'Brien's Pub, we entered and were selected as one of twelve contenders in the Extreme Music Series Battle of the Bands held at Club Cosmo in Moncton from April 24th to May 22nd. We did not win our "night", but we did receive a very boisterous reaction from the audience as well as praise from our fellow competitors and other musicians in the crowd. Some kind words from a couple of judges leads us to believe that if we get off our duffs and do some more writing and arranging, then get it all on a CD, we may be taken more seriously within the blues community. Something to work towards. Our performances have improved over the last little while and this improvement is being noticed. Guess it's time to go to work.

December, 2004 -- We've decided to create a mailing list to notify those of you who sign up of future bookings. If you wish to be added to our listing, please send us an e-mail giving us your name and e-mail address. Please type "Mailing List" as the subject line and we will gladly add your address to our listing.

September, 2004 -- Ken's back. His broken arm is no longer broken. Seems to have healed as witnessed by his performance at The Pump House this past Saturday (Aug. 28th). A little tender for sure, not quite as strong as it was yet, but coming along nicely. Also, Jim's biographical information and photos are now on the site. Check them out.

June, 2004 -- Well ... it's been an interesting few months. Guitarist Richard Poirier is no longer part of The Streamliners. Richard has something else on the go and the guys wish him all the best with everything he has on his plate. Enter ... James (Jim) Messer. Jim steps into the guitarist slot with many years of experience. While his past playing has involved music mainly from the Top 40 & Rock 'n Roll genres, Jim seems to be fitting into the blues like a hand in a glove. Look for Jim's biography and photo soon.

June, 2004 -- Enter Jim ... exit Ken ... sort of ... for a while. Ken was recently involved in an ATV accident whereby he rolled his ATV over on top of him and broke his arm. He made the front page of the local paper and appeared in an interview on the television news. Hell of a way to get yourself known Ken. We only jest. The guys wish Ken a painless and speedy recovery. However, that leaves a void. The accident happened just three weeks before a booking at The Pump House on the 26th of June. So we had to find a replacement and was lucky to find Tom Cooke of Big Daddy Shad and Sproll available for the gig. Tom fit in very nicely and did an exceptional job, considering the fact that we had only two practices. Hopefully, we will be just as lucky in future bookings until Ken is back on the skins.

February, 2004 -- It's complete. Doc's finally got Richard's biography and photo posted on the website. Feel free to check him out. Also, we got a couple of bookings coming up in the spring and early summer. They're posted on the Performance Dates section. Keeping checking.

January, 2004 -- Look for something soon on the band's newest member, Richard Poirier. The website needs to be updated to reflect the changes that have happened since Charley and Dawn moved out west. Now that they finally have the bio information and a photo, Doc's just got to get off his keister and do it.

January, 2004 -- Doc's back on bass and loving it. The wrists are healing and the band has had two rehearsals since the first of the year. They are now hoping to get "back on track" with their recording plans. Perhaps soon. Doc would like to get a couple of more tunes written beforehand, but if not, then they'll go with what they've got.

October, 2003 -- On Oct. 17th, Doc had the first of two operations for carpel tunnel. The second wrist operation is scheduled to take place on Nov. 14th. This will put Doc out (in regards to playing the bass) until Boxing Day, Dec. 26th. However, this will not slow the band down in regards to accepting bookings and performing. In fact, the band will be performing on Sat., Dec 6th at The Pump House Brewery. They have a replacement bass player for this engagement and Doc will be there to fulfill his vocal duties.

July, 2003 -- On July 12th, we travelled to Saint John, New Brunswick to take part in the "Rising Star Competition" sponsored by CBC's Continuous Music Network, "Galaxie". Marc-André was unable to join us for this event. Dave was speaking with a long-time friend of his from Toronto by the name of Ken Walton. Ken expressed interest and, after locating a great seat sale, decided to come down and sit in with us. We did not win the competition, however, we did have a great weekend, we made some contacts within the festival committee and Doc found a new friend and, perhaps, a song-writing partner. They've already begun collaborating on some material. Keep checking the site for any news concerning this new venture. ALSO, check our Photo Gallery for some shots from the Saint John performance. We'd like to thank Ken for taking the time to come down and sit in with us. With only one rehearsal (and one party), Ken did a fantastic job and is a great guitarist. THANKS KEN!